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LED Flashing Beacon LED Flashing Beacon

Beacon can be easily integrated to any of our Escape Room Electronic Kits and will flash during
success or idle. Perfect for Escape Rooms where local code does not allow the door to be physically locked.

Our Price: $29.95
Emergency Stop Button Emergency Stop Button

Emergency Stop Button can be placed inside of your room to quickly unlock the entry door if needed. Simply integrates into any of our Escape Room Electronic Kits.

Our Price: $49.95
Notification Siren Notification Siren

Once invisible beam is broken, a loud siren will sound and RED LEDs will flash. Perfect startle effect or to indicate when the player has broken a rule.

Our Price: $89.95
Operator Switch Operator Switch

The Operator Switch allows the Escape Room Operator to lock
the patrons in the room to begin their experience.

Includes Switch Panel with Status LEDs, Power Supply,
Magnetic Door Lock and Single Emergency Stop.

Our Price: $149.95
Door Lock Simulator Door Lock Simulator

The Door Lock Simulator is operated by the Game Master. Once activated the Red Beacon Flashes and your custom audio message plays. Once your patrons time has expired, the Game Master activates "exit" mode. The Green Beacon will flash and play your custom exit message. Game Master Control Box is equipped with status LED's to indicate which mode is selected.

Door Lock Simulator is perfect for Escape Rooms that are not allowed to physically lock doors.

Door Lock Simulator includes Beacon/Speaker Box, Game Master Control Box, Power Supply, 20' Control Cable and Custom Audio Track.

Door Lock Simulator ships plug and play for easy installation.

Our Price: $299.95